Music Inspired by Literature: From Sylvia Plath to Lolita | Part II

Last week, I discussed some of my favorite songs that were inspired by literature. Today, in Part II, I continue my foray into the world of music and literature. And at the end, you will find a playlist with over 60 songs inspired by all things literary.

Music Inspired by Literature: From Cornwall to Småland | Part I

Here’s a mixtape of books inspired by music and songs inspired by literature in a three part series. Part I and II will present songs and albums inspired by literature– my all-time favorites. And Part III will present a list of books inspired by music.

“Muslim” by Zahia Rahmani: Read My Review on World Literature Today

When I found out that I was reviewing “Muslim” for World Literature Today, I was elated. And you can read about why in my review in the summer issue of World Literature Today:

Leila Aboulela: Home, The Nile & Roasted Watermelon Seeds

Migrant writer Aglaja Veteranyi once wrote that “[her] father says you remember the smell of your country no matter where you are but only recognize it when you’re far away.” Aboulela’s characters, too, learn the meaning of home when they are away. Britain’s chilly winter and the absence of the Nile and minarets, among other signifiers, become a constant reminder of what they have left behind.

The Sudan Series: The Power to Narrate

Here’s the thing. We may or may not hear about their bravery and demands. We may or may not share an article or two about it on Instagram and Facebook. We may or may not start a conversation at a dinner party by asking, “did you hear what is going on in Sudan?” The truth is, after a while, our interest dwindles, and only gut-wrenching images of violence linger in our minds.